initiative creative and technical resource network.

a group of individual creative and technical professionals,

creating a resouce network.  a collective, maybe.  with

one concept, 'sycopated togetherness'.  that is to say,

everyone plays their own part.  it's the old i got a thang,

you got a thang, everybody's got a thang...  when we get

together doing our thangs, in order to help each other. 

... 'funkadelic'


we a compiling an exhustive database of creative and technical resources.  this data will only be available to contributors.  the

network could have infinite uses.  this is ground zero.


lovethang will be contributing creative and technical support to

'family affair 6'  coming to the midwest usa this july.  from

the underground peace society, this event will be the blueprint to what this network could mean for our culture. 

we understand that this is a loose concept.  we understand also that it is no new idea.  we approach it with humility as an experiment.


hypothesis -

if we place our passions together the way we dance together,

then one dancers idea, can be syncopated with another dancers idea. 


we have written a situatuaion.

it is phrased the way it is,(it is not the perfect question) to emphasise that there is no limit to what your answer can be.  think as if you will have all the resources needed to do what ever you always wanted to do.

you only have to have your own purpose, and your own goals,

on your own terms. 

NOTE:this is a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION.  it's purpose is to provoke thought and conversation. 

organizational recruitment question.


your friend ______________ referred you to us and we are interested in your
passions, talent, and skill set, for a high level position in a multi-national organization.

organizational recruitment program (orpm) is an independent private recruiter.

we represent an anonymous multi-national organization, who has

requested to remain anonymous until the end of the introduction process.

we hope you choose to contribute to our network.


Q: of your passions, talent and skill set,

what do you think you could contribute that

would add the MOST value to:

the organization,
your personal life and,
society at large
(your community or as a whole).

please illustrate specifically how your
passion, talent or skill set
would add value.

think of it as being able to write your own job description.
this is not a confidential document.
your name will not be disclosed to anyone.
your personal information is not needed.
your answer will not be used for any other reason.

please reply to:

thank you.

be kind to yourself